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St. Patty’s Day, Sushi, Lattes, & Dancing

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone! I had a rough start this morning…I woke up a little later than usual to begin with.   Then, on my way out the door my adorable, lovable, menace of a kitty Jasper decided to wrap himself around my leg (he doesn’t like it when I leave in the morning).  This resulted in a huge tear in my tights.  Once I finally made it in to work I realized that it’s St. Patty’s Day today and I completely forgot to wear green! Oops!

Despite my off start, I had a great day!  I left work early to enjoy the nice “spring” day with my sister.  We ended up walking downtown to get sushi at Thousand Crane in Manchester.  Luke and I are sushi fanatics. According to Luke Thousand Crane ranks a 7 out of 10 on our sushi rating scale, however,I think it was still pretty good!  I got an assortment plate of sushi and of course I asked for some tamari (wheat free soy sauce).  Can you believe not all sushi restaurants have it!?!  Luckily this place does, which makes it score higher in my book!

Sushi, Tamari, and Edamame!! YUM!!

After that, Kasey and I walked up and down Elm Street.  Because of St. Patrick’s Day the restaurants and bars downtown were crowded with people in green, cops were out on their horses (yes the Manchester cops ride horses), and there were tons of people out enjoying the nice day.  On our way back home we made a stop at RePUBLIC– a newish coffee and wine bar downtown.  I am happy to say they have the BEST lattes (aside from Vinny’s at Breaking New Grounds in Durham).  My non-fat half-pump vanilla latte was absolutely delicious!

On my way out the menu caught eye. It read…

“The Focus is Farm to Table, The Wine is on Tap, The Cocktails are Classic, The Beef is Grass Fed, The Vegetarian is Happy, The Baker is Here Daily”

Best of all- “Gluten Free Pasta is Available”! (downside- the online menu does not state this) 

Lets just say I am really excited to go back!

My sister Kasey at RePUBLIC in Manchester

After our trip downtown we ended the night by playing Just Dance on my wii. So much fun! We are not the best dancers though, so lucky for you I am not posting any of those pictures.



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