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Szechuan Chicken Rice Wraps

The past couple weekends have been amazing, and I am sad to see them come to an end.  Last week was my trip to North Carolina, and yesterday I got back from an awesome trip to Foxwoods Resort and Casino, celebrating my sister Kasey’s 21st birthday.  Although no one hit it big in the casino, we had a ton of fun just walking around, playing the slots, and hanging by the pool.  Now its back to reality…Time to unpack, unwind, and get back to work! 🙂

Happy 21st Birthday Kasey!


Practice makes perfect! Today’s lunch was my second attempt at rice paper wrapping.  As you can see in my pictures my wrapping is getting much better!  The trick is to roll the sides first while gradually folding the ends in. Be careful to not over stuff the wrap!  Rice paper is very delicate and tears easily.  I found that out the hard way a couple of times!

Today I made a sweet and spicy style rice wrap using chicken, kale, carrots, and green bell pepper.  This wrap was really tasty, and Luke is already looking for me to make some more.  Making them was really easy too (once you get the wrapping down)!  All you need to do is cook up some chicken strips in the spicy szechuan sauce, cut up your favorite veggies from the fridge, fold them up into a sticky rice paper wrap, and serve with some delicious sweet chili dipping sauce!

Szechuan Chicken Rice Wraps

Gluten Free


Chicken breast, cut into strips

Szechuan sauce ( I use San-J Gluten Free Szechuan Sauce)

Green peppers, julienne

Carrots, julienne


Rice paper wrappers (Blue Dragon Spring Roll Wrappers)

Sweet chili sauce (I used A Taste of Thai’s  Sweet Red Chili Sauce, which is gluten free)


1) Chicken: Place chicken strips in a pan on medium heat. Add desired amount of szechuan sauce and cook until chicken is completely cooked through.

2) Vegetables: Chop veggies and set aside.

2) Rice Paper Wrap: Fill a cookie sheet or shallow baking dish with warm water. Place the rice paper wrapper into  water for 15-20 seconds until soft. Remove the wrapper and lay on a paper towel and blot dry (the wrap should become sticky).

3) Now just fill, roll, and repeat!

4) Serve with a gluten free sweet chili sauce for dipping!



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Wrapping it up with Rice Paper

So my rice paper wrapping skills clearly need some work, but I really enjoyed using them for the first time yesterday. Rice paper is most commonly used to make vegetable spring rolls. However, you really can fill them with almost anything you have in the fridge! Yesterday I made a nice light lunch filling my wraps with tuna, kale, celery, carrots, and yellow bell peppers. It was delish!

For tips on how to wrap these check out this video-
Easy Rice Paper Wrap

Gluten Free

So just to note- I love tuna, but I am not a big fan of mayo. Instead of mixing my tuna with mayonnaise, I like to use 2 tbsp. of plain Greek yogurt (LOVE Oikos!), and 1 tbsp. of mustard. Not only is this substitute a much healthier option, I think it adds more flavor!


1 can of tuna (in water)

2 tbsp. plain Greek yogurt

1tbsp. mustard

Rice paper wraps


Celery, julienned

Carrots, julienned

Bell Pepper, julienned


1) Mix tuna, yogurt, and mustard.

2) Prepare rice paper wraps according to package directions.

3) Fill rice paper wraps with tuna and vegetables.

4) Wrap and enjoy!!

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