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There’s a whole new world of gluten free pizza out there!

The most common thing I hear when someone is just starting on a gluten free diet is “I just wish I could have some pizza!”.  For me, pizza was BY FAR the hardest thing to give up.  Sure, when I started on my wheat free diet gluten free pizza existed, but it was not easy to find, and many of the products that I tried just weren’t any good!  But now more and more companies and restaurants are becoming aware, and getting on board with gluten free products and offerings.  I am happy to say there is a whole new world of gluten free pizza out there!

Here are a couple of my pizza favorites!…

My favorite way to make pizza at home- Rustic Crust Napoli Herb Gluten Free Pizza Crust

The Rustic Crust Napoli Herb is my new “go to” crust when I want to make a delicious pizza in a hurry.  This all natural crust is wheat/gluten free and dairy free.  Unlike other brands, this one comes in a sealed package instead of in the frozen food aisle.  I love the fact that this product is not frozen!  It makes me feel as though I am eating something more fresh (and I probably am!).  The only downside to not having a frozen pizza crust was that it is a lot more crumbly, but only before putting it in the oven, so I recommend you just be careful when taking it out of the packaging so it doesn’t break.  Once the pizza is fully cooked, the crust holds together well, the edges are nice and crispy, and the middle is thin but still moist.  Thin gluten free pizza is a good thing, if a crust is too thick it often tastes less like a “regular pizza” and more “bready”.  The best part about this crust is the taste!  Unlike other crusts I have tried, the Rustic Crust Napoli Herb is blended with spices and herbs, which definitely adds extra flavor to my pizza!

I buy Rustic Crust Napoli Herb Crust at Hannaford’s Supermarket in the gluten free section of the natural food aisle.  It’s usually right next to all of the gluten free pasta.  Check out the Rustic Crust website, you can look up where to find this product near you or even buy it online!

The last pizza I made on Rustic Crust was a combination of things I already had in my kitchen; Mushrooms, Peppers, onions, pineapple, and pumpkin seeds!  It was quick, really easy, and there was no mess like when making your own dough.  I often make this when I want something quick when I get home from work.  It’s usually done in less than 30 minutes (including prep time!).

Mmmm…makes me wish I had leftovers for lunch today! 😉

Rustic Crust Napoli Herb Gluten Free Pizza Crust (before baking)

Veggie and Pineapple Pizza on Rustic Crust Napoli Herb Crust!


My favorite pizza restaurantPortland Pie Co.

Portland Pie Co. has changed my life! Ok that may be going a little too far, but it definitely has brought the traditional pizza and a movie date night experience back into Luke and my lives.  Not only does this restaurant have incredible pizza, THEY DELIVER!  I absolutely love the fact that Luke and I can stay in an order pizza like a normal couple. Portland Pie Co. is a newer edition to downtown Manchester.  They also have locations in Portland, Scarborough, and Westbrook Maine.

The large menu includes over 16 different pizzas, with the option to build your own.  The gluten free pizza is available as a 10” personal pizza and the price ranges from $9.49- $11.49 (totally worth it!).  They use a special gluten free sauce and have the option to add a gluten free/vegan cheese for those who choose not to or cannot consume dairy products.

My favorite pizza (below) is the “Old Orchard”.  I get this on the gluten free crust, with gluten free sauce.  The “Old Orchard” is a vegetarian pizza that comes with green peppers, fire roasted red peppers, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, fresh garlic, three cheese blend, and crushed red pepper.  My only tip is that you order this a little well done, all the toppings tend to weigh it down otherwise!

The “Old Orchard” at Portland Pie Co.

What’s your favorite gluten free pizza?



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