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Sunday morning treat: Gluten Free Banana Mango Bread

Happy first day of spring!

Started off this bright and sunny Sunday with the most amazing breakfast!  Gluten Free Banana Mango Bread, strawberries, and coffee.

Simply Organic Banana Bread Mix

My Review: I give this product an A+!  This makes an excellent banana bread, and is my “go to” baked good that I usually bring to family gatherings.  I don’t even tell people it is gluten free!  There is more cinnamon in this mix than traditional banana bread, but in my opinion it makes it even better.  The only thing I do differently is use 3 bananas instead of the 2 the recipe calls for.

This morning I decided to give this mix a tropical twist.  Instead of only using bananas, I mashed up 2 bananas and 1 mango to make the  Gluten Free Banana Mango Bread!  Its super easy and tastes even better than the original recipe!


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