About Me

Who am I?

To start, I am not a cook (or even a writer), but a girl who simply can’t eat wheat and loves to experiment with new gluten-free foods and recipes.  I started this blog to share my adventures in the kitchen, and my own experiences with different wheat and gluten-free products on the market and just my life in general.

Living a healthy nutritious lifestyle is extremely important to me. I originally started college going to school to be a teacher and eventually found my way into the nutrition program. I have a bachelor’s degree in nutritional science and a master’s degree in marketing. I am the person in the grocery store mesmerized by the new food products, how they advertise, and reading and comparing food labels.

I discovered my wheat intolerance only a couple of years ago. As far back as I can remember fried food made me miserable, brownies made me sick, and I got so used to going to bed at night with a stomach ache. It just became normal to me. As I got older I started feeling worse and much more often, I had frequent headaches and more and more foods seemed to bother my belly…finally I went to the doctor.

For me, feeling better was as simple as cutting out the wheat in my diet. Ok- maybe I shouldn’t say “simple”…. However, I know so many other people out there who have Celiac disease or are completely allergic to gluten, and in comparison I would have to say I have it a little easier. But still, wheat is everywhere; bread, pasta, cereal, soups, sauces, marinades, PIZZA, and pretty much every baked good on the market! However, over the past couple of years I have learned that living a life without wheat is not so bad. I am trying all sorts of new foods, and experimenting with many new products and recipes. Many people who have similar issues ask me what I like to eat…. So here is my blog, Wheat-Freedom.

Happy reading!



Although I am specifically intolerant to wheat, I would say 95% of everything I eat is completely gluten-free. The recipes and products included in my blog will specify if they are gluten-free or only wheat free. Also, with so many of my friends and family members following specialty diets these days I am trying to include some dairy-free, yeast-free, and vegan options too!


3 responses to “About Me

  1. kathryn nies

    hey girl! great looking site! my sister has a wheat allergy too and has been blogging with her foody friends for a while about it. here are her blog and a cookbook site that her and some friends developed and sold copies about a year ago to support the boston food bank, just thought you could get some helpful ideas and recipes from them.



  2. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for finding me on foodbuzz! I’m looking forward to checking out your recipes and posts!

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